Idle properties do not yield attractive returns. The last thing that any commercial investor wants is to be stuck with vacancies. To avoid stressful days and sleepless nights worrying about business for leaseunoccupied spaces, Orlando property owners can implement the following proactive strategies to help attract tenants to their commercial properties.

1. Embrace Digital Marketing Techniques

With the evolution of the internet, many people spend most of their time with their eyes glued to screens. Therefore, it is imperative to embrace digital marketing techniques such as advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hiring a digital marketing agency to create captivating videos and unique graphics for your investment property can also earn your space a higher profile. Just ensure your ads are performing efficiently by having them clearly convey all pertinent information about your vacant property to potential tenants.

2. Get Boots on the Ground

Long gone are the days when property owners sit by the phone expecting calls from potential tenants. Now, engaging with local communities and attending public events is the way to generate interest.

Using other tenants, family members, and friends to spread the word about your vacant commercial property can also be a great way to pass information. You may be surprised how fast news travel when using this channel.

3. Offer Shared Amenities

Consider converting unused spaces in your commercial property into shared amenities. You may integrate a workout gym for health-conscious tenants or bring in a daycare for parents who work on site. Such great additions can work magic when it comes to attracting tenants to your investment properties.

4. Hire a Broker

Getting the expert help of an experienced real estate broker can be a gamechanger. Through their industry network and creative ideas they will fill your commercial real estate vacancies. Well-versed with over 25 years industry experience, the professionals at Acquisition Consultants have networked and acquired the right connections in the Orlando market to secure solid tenants and give you an edge over your competitors. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in transforming your commercial space into a desirable location and highly profitable investment.

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