More than just a middleman between commercial real estate buyers and sellers, a commercial broker is a valued partner on both sides of the transaction. Not only can a commercial real estate real estate broker shaking handsbroker help you successfully sell, lease, or purchase commercial real estate property, but they can also save you time and money by taking care of the following commercial real estate necessities.

  • Lease analysis – An experienced commercial real estate broker is adept at researching and analyzing commercial real estate leases and to know customary trends in their operating area. 
  • Local market research – In addition to the leases, your broker should also provide input regarding property maintenance costs, as well as local conditions such as environmental quality, demographics, neighboring businesses, and location desirability. All of these can often affect a business’ success and expenses. A commercial real estate broker will save you time by conducting and providing such extensively detailed research.
  • Business plan evaluation – A commercial real estate broker will use statistical analysis to evaluate and determine the feasibility of your business plan. Data such as a break-even analysis can help them determine the margin of safety for your investment. The broker should help unearth the areas of risk and help arrive at ways to mitigate them.
  • Community networking – Commercial real estate brokers work hard to create a network of reliable community members so that they have an advantage when a potential buyer enters the community or when a property goes on the market.
  • Complex law navigation – An individual may be wary of investing in commercial real estate because there are many complex rules and regulations that govern the development, redevelopment, purchase, and taxation of commercial properties within different industries and across state lines. Fortunately, a commercial real estate broker’s masterful comprehension of such complex tax and zoning laws allows them to advise in their client’s best interests, thus removing any apprehension to commercial investing that may exist.
  • Purchase and sale negotiation – Because the sale or lease of a property involves two parties, a commercial real estate broker must command superior persuasive communication skills to successfully navigate key provisions for their client.  

Your Central Florida Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Hiring an established commercial real estate broker can simplify the property-acquisition process for you by saving you lots of time, money, and stress.

As leading experts in commercial property sales, Acquisition Consultants offers over 25 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience in the Central Florida area. Throughout that time we have been effective in obtaining the best deals possible for our clients and delivering seamless transaction experiences. For superior service and a satisfying sale of your commercial property, contact Acquisition Consultants today.


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