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Regulators fear more bad mortgage practices

You may have gotten a mortgage through the local branch of one of the megabanks, but did you know there’s a good chance your bank turned around and sold the rights to service your loan to somebody else? read more

Tech workers driving up rents in cities

Low- and middle-income residents of San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and other metro areas, are getting pushed out of their homes as an influx of deep pocketed tech workers drive up rents. read more

Reverse mortgages: Safer, but far from risk-free

For years, many older Americans who were short on cash turned to reverse mortgages to solve their money troubles — only to find themselves deeper in debt or, worse, losing their homes. read more

Hurdles shrink for jumbo loan shoppers

You’ll pay more for a big home nowadays, but a big mortgage should be less of a reach. read more

Mortgage rates headed down to 4%

Maybe the days of rock-bottom mortgage interest rates aren’t numbered, after all. Once again, rates are creeping down towards 4%. read more

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