When looking for the right investment properties and the right place to pursue them in, growthOrlando skyline and demand are the two most critical factors to consider. Therefore, if you are searching for a new property to add to your portfolio, consider the city with a booming, diverse economy, thriving tourism industry, expanding population, and an extremely tight unemployment rate: Orlando, FL. Here are some data-backed facts and forecasts that prove Orlando investment properties should be a top choice for any investors.

The Orlando Investment Property Market

To better understand the expanding opportunities within the city, take a look at several facts about the current population and economy of Orlando.

· It is the fourth-largest city in Florida.

· It ranks among the top five fastest growing cities in the U.S.

· It has an ever-growing population of 2.6 million.

· It is the most visited tourist destination in the U.S.

Reasons to Invest in Orlando Properties

Orlando has an economical foundation that makes for strong investment potential, but its increasing growth and demand are what make the city a consistent option for investors in both real estate and retail. Here are the top reasons to choose an investment property in Orlando.

· Population — A high quality of life and booming metropolitan scene bring citizens from across the country to Orlando. Orlando’s population lends to the city’s attractiveness for investors, but its population expansion serves as an even larger draw. In fact, The City Beautiful had a recent population growth of 4.8%.

· Travel and Tourism — Residents, visitors, and potential investors know Orlando as the top tourism spot in the country. With constant traffic throughout the year, there will always be a high demand for rental vacancy and retail diversity. This influx of residential and international travel presents endless opportunities for investors in both sectors. · Employment — Thanks to its 4.4% annual job growth rate, Orlando is a booming city that provides more and more career opportunities each year. This increase in job availability also makes the city a strong candidate for investors, as it attracts millennial and baby boomer working professionals.

· Property Value — The value of rental and retail properties in Orlando are on a steady rise. Paired with the area’s increase of employment and population, this upward development in property value is a strong proposition for investors.

· Investments — Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider investing in Orlando is the interest from current investors. Investors are particularly attracted to the retail sector in Orlando because of strong cap rates, thriving retail activity, and expansion opportunities. Overall, Orlando is a relatively low-risk and high-reward city to invest in.

The population in Orlando is massive, growing, and financially stable. Furthermore, the city has a low vacancy rate, flourishing retail sector, and high rental property demand. Such features make Orlando a

top prospect for those looking to invest in office, retail, industrial and other real estate categories such as apartments, hotels, and self-storage. However, the most effective way to take advantage of its opportunities is to partner with property investment professionals that can uncover the top investments in the region.

Find Your Next Investment Property in Orlando

Orlando does not seem to be slowing down or peaking any time soon. That is why the commercial real estate professionals at Acquisition Consultants steadily research the next best investment properties in Orlando. By serving as your buyer representative, our team of investment professionals can find properties, analyze risk, and negotiate terms on your behalf. For more information about our services, contact us today.

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