Acquisition Consultants represents commercial buyers and tenants throughout the process of finding and purchasing a property or space.

Buyer Representation

Acquisition Consultants was established to represent institutional investors, private buyers, and companies with their acquisition of commercial real estate properties. Acquisition Consultants follows the adage “you make your money at the purchase, not the sale.”

Tenant Representation

Acquisition Consultants represents tenants needing commercial retail, office and industrial space. Acquisition Consultants performs a thorough needs analysis, locates prospective commercial properties, secures competitive rates, and achieves favorable conditions in the lease document.

Why Hire Acquisition Consultants?

Why should you hire a commercial broker when leasing or purchasing commercial real estate?

Costs nothing/Stress Transfer

  • As commercial brokers, the Seller or Landlord pays our commission, as a result there is no cost to our client. Sellers and Landlords already account for commercial brokerage fees in their pro-forma, allowing a commercial broker to get the best deal. In fact, having representation will help ensure the client does not sign a unilateral agreement primarily benefiting the Seller or Landlord. Acquisition Consultants will oversee the process from site, space, or building selection through agreement execution and occupancy. Additionally, Acquisition Consultants will absorb all complications and frustrations that may arise during the process. This allows the client to focus on their core business rather than the nuisances of a commercial real estate transaction.


  • Acquisition Consultants strives to fully understand your space needs. In the process, Acquisition Consultants frequently encounters additional variables for our clients to consider and can offer additional insight on topics that may have otherwise been overlooked. Acquisition Consultants often fulfills the role as your “subcontracted commercial real estate department.”

Market knowledge

  • As active commercial brokers with over 20 years of experience, Acquisition Consultants has a pulse on the market. Acquisition Consultants has successfully negotiated commercial lease and sale transactions in all major product categories. Acquisition Consultants knows the prices at which commercial properties are currently selling and leasing. Acquisition Consultants subscribes to multiple services that allow Acquisition Consultants to compile comprehensive data including comparable commercial sale and leasing listings and area information such as current lease rates, cap rates, sales prices, average income, traffic counts, and demographics. Acquisition Consultants’ combined experience and information helps ensure our clients are making a well-informed decision.

Flexibility with economic uncertainty

  • All businesses have the risk of economic cycles and uncertainty. Acquisition Consultants makes sure our clients limit their exposure. If purchasing, Acquisition Consultants works diligently to secure a price that should withstand market fluctuations if our client’s needs change in the future. If leasing, Acquisition Consultants aims to negotiate rates, expansion rights, termination rights and options that allow our clients to remain flexible as their business evolves. Acquisition Consultants believes flexibility is one of the most critical components for our clients as it relates to their commercial real estate needs.

Purchase Versus Lease Analysis

  • There are many factors which should be considered when deciding whether to buy or lease commercial real estate. If leasing, one should incorporate expansion rights, relocation rights and even termination rights to vacate the space early. If a particular landlord will not accommodate these options, there are plenty that will. Conversely, if purchasing, one should ask internal questions to satisfy needs as one’s business evolves – will this building provide excess space in which to grow; can the commercial property be divided allowing third parties to lease unused space; will there be a market for this commercial building other than my firm?

Allow Acquisition Consultants to alleviate the stress associated with securing a location while negotiating the best possible price. Let Acquisition Consultants utilize our over 20 years of experience to make sure you do not overpay and retain maximum flexibility as your space needs change over the years. Acquisition Consultants aims to build long-term relationships with our clients and would appreciate the opportunity to build one with your organization.