Acquisition Consultants Inc. was founded in 1993. As a commercial real estate brokerage company, the firm serves both investors and companies. The scope of services was expanded in 1998 with the addition of AC Properties LLC, a commercial real estate development company. These two companies offer leading commercial brokerage and property development services as well as commercial investments.


A steward is someone entrusted with another’s wealth or property and charged with the responsibility of managing it in the owner’s best interest. The goal is not merely to conserve resources but to multiply them.

Mission Statement

“Our client’s needs become our own.”

Ethics Code

“… shrewd as a serpent and innocent as a dove.”

History of Success

Acquisition Consultants has twenty years of extensive experience in commercial real estate. Throughout that time, Acquisition Consultants has been effective in obtaining the best deals possible for its clients. A comprehensive list of Acquisition Consultants’ past transactions is available upon request.