Is a commercial real estate recession coming?

A commercial real estate recession is coming and in this month’s blog we will focus on the steps you need to take to protect your commercial real estate asset. Why are we saying “the coming commercial real estate recession” when the US economy is already in a recession?  Simply put, commercial real estate values lag...

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Commercial Property Management 2020 and Beyond

The past decade of growth allowed for easy times in commercial real estate.  The expanding economy and limited new construction have kept property net incomes growing. But 2020 brought troubled times as many product categories of commercial real estate suffered desperately during the shut downs and are now on shaky ground.  During times like these,...

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Covid19 Liability: Disturbing Implications

It is now September 2020 and we are many months into Coronavirus.  As I survey the general populace, I witness individual responsibility as well as businesses taking many steps to protect the vulnerable and most at risk. For instance, people are taking precautionary steps to wear masks and disinfect surfaces.  When you walk into a...

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CRE in a Post-COVID World

Part 1: Distressed Realities Distress. A word thousands of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investors have been whispering quietly and hopefully to themselves for the past half-dozen or so years. But what is it about such a gloomy word that has stirred so many CRE investors into such a frenzy? It is because, at last, the...

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2020: The Perfect Storm

Many of us have seen the 2000 film The Perfect Storm. In essence, it told of three major weather systems colliding and creating the most horrible storm. The movie tells of a commercial fishing boat whose captain and crew tried to do the impossible and weather the storm. In a similar fashion, America in 2020...

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Fear And Greed’s Impact On Investing

Two of the most powerful influences from birth to death are fear and greed. We see this in so many arenas of life. Additionally, they are both powerful influences on the business sector. When investing, it would be wise to consider which of the two are influencing business leaders’ decision-making. This leads to more informed...

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Why Should I Invest in Commercial Property?

Choosing where to make an investment can be a difficult decision for those looking to expand their knowledge and gain more financial assets. While other types of investments can provide positive financial gains, investing in commercial property is much more dependable and will more often result in larger yields. For the following reasons, potential investors...

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