4 Smart Ways to Fill Commercial Vacancies

Idle properties do not yield attractive returns. The last thing that any commercial investor wants is to be stuck with vacancies. To avoid stressful days and sleepless nights worrying about unoccupied spaces, Orlando property owners can implement the following proactive strategies to help attract tenants to their commercial properties. 1. Embrace Digital Marketing Techniques With...

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Is There a Right Time to Buy Retail Property?

Commercial real estate is at the top of many investors’ wish lists, and rightly so. It has proven over and over again to be a lucrative endeavor. However, no investor should just dive right in without first doing their due diligence. After all, the retail sector of real estate investment requires tremendous research and intel...

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Is Orlando the Right City to Start Investing

When looking for the right investment properties and the right place to pursue them in, growth and demand are the two most critical factors to consider. Therefore, if you are searching for a new property to add to your portfolio, consider the city with a booming, diverse economy, thriving tourism industry, expanding population, and an...

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Vacant Commercial Land: A Worthwhile Investment

In the world of commercial property investment, vacant land is the most overlooked and misunderstood form of real estate. Common vacant land misconceptions, such as it being complex and non-income producing, have led some investors to underestimate its potential. However, if handled correctly, vacant land can be a very lucrative investment and, if ground-leased, produce...

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Orlando’s Population Boom

Orlando is adding 1,000 new residents a week. In fact, the larger seven-county region has been adding that many people a week for the last 60 years. Pause for a second and do the math. People aren’t just looking to visit Orlando’s world class attractions, they’re putting down roots and taking advantage of all the...

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Trade War Brings Uncertainty to U.S. Commercial Real Estate

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced tariffs on $50 billion dollars in Chinese imports, escalating a trade war between the world’s two largest economies. While this move may prove to have several long-term economic and political benefits, commercial real estate professionals should watch several key factors in the short term, says CCIM Institute Chief...

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RECon: Store closings mark return to retail health, CoStar exec explains

The word “e-commerce” did not even come up until the very end of a Monday presentation about retail real estate’s challenges. Instead, speaker Suzanne Mulvee, research director at CoStar Group, talked about a perfect storm of overbuilding during the 30 years leading up to the Great Recession; a demographic shift that she said “turned against”...

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Prospective tenants of all types seek landlords at RECon

Expansion-minded retail chains, restaurants and entertainment concepts that exhibit at RECon have always been the event’s lifeblood, and this year was no different. Among the first-time exhibitors this year were Xponential Fitness, a private equity-backed company amassing a portfolio of fitness franchise brands; and Speedway, the largest corporate-owned-and-operated convenience store chain east of the Mississippi....

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GGP Buys the Last of its Shares from Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital has exited its investment in regional mall REIT GGP, according to Bloomberg. The hedge fund, which invested in the REIT’s restructuring while it was going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, sold 28 million shares back to the company for $556 million. read more

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